“When thinking in pictures it’s important to consider whether a certain image will have the same meaning to someone else as it does to you.”
John Sayles


Katsuhiro Otomo’s Watermelon Messiah. There is a high-res copy of the truncated version of this story that appeared in ‘KABA’ and a very low-res copy of the full version which you can’t get anymore. Anyway, I stitched the two together.

“Any fool can criticise. And most fools do.”
Benjamin Franklin
“There is no ‘do or do not’ — there is only ‘try’.”
Paul F. Tompkins (correcting Yoda)
“When I’m working on a scene or a line or a word, tone is the most important thing in the world. The movie succeeds or fails on that being true.”
Spike Jonze
“You kind of don’t know how to make a movie until you’ve made it. That can be the case with everything that’s challenging or worthwhile; whether it’s a movie, or a relationship, a company or family or raising children, especially raising children. Everything that’s meaningful probably falls under the same rules.”
Spike Jonze
“(…) because everything that is a close up is important, whether it’s important or not.”
david fincher

It’s impossible to overestimate Shigeru Mizuki — especially his sense of composition and balance.