Paul Pope

THB: Comics from Mars #2

I was thinking about this comic yesterday, one of my favorite Pope strips, and then it rolls across my dash… I like it when that happens. Enjoy!

an extremely effective page transition — Otomo 1975

Richard Thompson
“If anything is possible, then nothing is interesting.”
H.G. Wells


Gustave Caillebotte - The Floor Scrapers (1875-6)

the first one was my favorite painting throughout my teens (which teenager doesn’t have a favorite (post)impressionist painting?)

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Akira prints by Otomo

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“Don’t tell people what your songs are about. Wait for them to tell you what your songs are about.”
John Roderick


Bravo Alex TOTH!!


at this point, seeing new toth stuff is very rare

“Never compare your inside with somebody else’s outside.”
Hugh Macleod
“Nobody can tell you what you’re doing is good, meaningful or worthwhile.”
Hugh Macleod
“"It takes time." I never wanted to believe this, but I think it’s the only advice that anyone gives which is actually true. You just have to sit for a long time, for many years, and then something develops. There’s no wise words that are going to help you, because there is no substitute for doing it yourself. There’s no teacher who can say anything that will be a substitute for your own time and effort.”
Claire Greenwood (source), talking about zazen, but true in a much wider sense, obviously
(from Nausicaa: Watercolor Impressions)

(from Nausicaa: Watercolor Impressions)